Portrait Photography

Brief Description: This group is for anyone interested in learning how to take better photographs of people. Participants will learn how to pose, light and photograph individuals and groups of people, both outdoors in natural light and indoors using speedlights and studio strobes.

Prerequisite: Participants must have a functional knowledge of their cameras, a basic knowledge of photography and a desire to take better “people pictures”. No special equipment is required.

Group Leader: George Evancho will lead this group with assistance from Roy Sparks. Contact George at george_evancho@me.com or (609) 923-7406 to join the group.

Max. # of club members: There are no restrictions on the size of this group. On occasion, there may be some restrictions based upon the size of the facility when doing studio portraits.

Total # of hours, meetings/week: This group will meet occasionally to share knowledge of portrait photography and whenever the club is requested to take portraits.

Location, day & times of meetings: Members of the group will be notified by email when and where the group will meet and of any special considerations.

Expected Outcomes from meetings: Participants will learn how to pose and light subject(s) using natural light and flash. Some image processing techniques will be covered.

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