Description:   Focus will be on two types of still life: ‘Found Still Life,’ and ‘Created Still Life.’

For ‘Found Still Life,’ the group can shoot outdoors or indoors any scene or objects such as leaves, stones, rocks, pods, flowers, etc. in their natural settings. Focus is on getting the right angle or a striking composition (think off-center, asymmetrical, negative space.) A good subject would be ‘wabi-sabi,’ to capture the beauty in things imperfect, ephemeral or incomplete.

For ‘Created Still Life’ - photographs of inanimate objects - members will select and arrange
objects in an artistic way. This type of still life is usually done on a small space, typically top
of a table or any surface. Focus is on composition and lighting.

If interested, please contact Linda Villamor.

SIG Leader: Linda Villamor email


Membership: There are no current restrictions on the size of this group.  To become a member of this SIG, contact Linda Villamor by email, and provide your contact information (email and mobile number) as well as an idea of the equipment you will be shooting with.


Meeting Schedule: Members will meet once a month to discuss and critique their images.

Expected Outcomes: Learn techniques and improve skills for creating still life images.



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