Benefits of a Membership

The Coastal Camera Club (CCC) provides a rich and enjoyable environment in which to improve your photography skills with activities that support our educational goal. These include monthly presentations by professional photographers, how-to presentations by experienced members, competitions, "Special Interest Groups", one-on-one mentoring, and participation in exhibitions. Nothing is mandatory so you have complete flexibility to choose areas most appropriate for your interests. Here is a short summary of each:

PRESENTATIONS-Professionals & Members

CCC provides monthly virtual seminars from local, national and international photographers who share their expertise.  These include Mollie Isaacs, Don Gordon, Lisa Langell, Kristi Odom, and David duChemin to name only a few. In addition, CCC member photographers provide their guidance and observations regarding photographic equipment, editing software, etc.


Also offered monthly is a "Competition Night" where members submit images for judging by a three person group consisting of CCC trained judges and an external, recognized photographer.  Three levels of competition are available, based upon an individual's results, wherein a member may advance as their photographic journey progresses.   Members gain feedback from not only their other fellow members, but also from seasoned professionals.


Do you have an interest in different areas of photography that perhaps you would like to spend additional time learning about?  Would you like to know more about "What Makes A Winning Image"?  How about "Photography as a Fine Art"?  CCC has created numerous "Special Interest Groups" (aka-SIGs) that are comprised of members who share similar interest in various aspects of photographic activities. These SIGs meet independently to study, to attend SIG field trips in their specialty of photography, to be involved in group critiques, etc., so that one can fully immerse themselves in one's interests.

MENTORING-Group and One-on-One

Need personal help on post-processing editing such as HDR, focus stacking, compositing images . . .?  Do you find certain aspects of Photoshop, Lightroom, or other image software confusing and frustrating? CCC has recorded video learning skills in many of these often perplexing skills and continues to update these skills as needed.  We'll also connect you with a club member who can work with you one-on-one on your area of interest-whether if be learning how to use your camera or how to process your final image.


What is more so gratifying than to see your photographic prints, along with other members prints, on display at local exhibitions?  So you say, yes, that would be great, but my printer just isn't up to the task.  Well, CCC has its own Print Studio in conjunction with the Rehoboth Art League, where you can have your own print professionally made by other trained members of CCC.  You will then have the opportunity to literally show your work at local galleries along with other members of CCC. Our members can also provide you with framing skills, which can often result in a sale of your photographic work.


The purpose of this non-profit organization shall be to encourage and promote member interest in all phases of photography; to encourage active participation in the education of fellow members through the sharing of skills and experiences; to hold contests and give recognition to those excelling in our craft; and to promote the photographic efforts of the membership through exhibitions and displays.