Expanded Vision 



This group will explore the use of multi-shot photography to produce

photographs. The techniques to be explored include: double exposure, HDR, panoramas,

focus stacking, time lapse and combinations of the above.

SIG Leader: John Whitmore, nevin1863@yahoo.com


A general knowledge of photography, a basic understanding of your

camera's operation, an interest in exploring these photographic techniques and the desire to



The group will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants. To become a

member of this SIG, contact John Whitmore, Nevin1863@yahoo.com and advise him of your interest in joining the group and provide him with your contact information (email and mobile number).


Regular monthly meetings are planned and each meeting will last

several hours. The group will meet at a SIG members home. The format of the meetings will

be (a) to review photographs taken by each member using the previous meeting's subject: and

(b) have a presentation and discussion of a subject for the next meeting.

Expected Outcomes: Each member should gain some proficiency with the various

multiple shot techniques. Members should gain confidence in their abilities and present their

photos at meetings for review and comment. That gained confidence in the various techniques

should enable members to lead the discussion of some of the multi-shot techniques being



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