What Makes a Winning Image?

What Makes A Winning Image?
(How To Evaluate Your Own Images)

Description: A Special Interest Group to help club members improve their skills to
evaluate their own (and others’) images.

SIG Leader:
Kathryn Harris

Any member of the Club is welcome regardless of past experience.
Since we prefer to review printed images, so we will be asking folks to bring prints, if at all
possible. (This can be an opportunity for you to explore the print studio.) If prints are not
possible we will discuss the process for submitting digital images for review.

This group will be limited to the first 15 members who respond.

Meeting Schedule:
We will meet for three sessions, the second Friday of each month
(October-January) from 10-12, at St. Peters Parish Hall in Lewes. Our organizational meeting
will happen from 10-12 on Friday, September 15, at the St. Peters’ Parish House.

Expected Outcomes:
Members will learn to critically identify the components of
what makes a winning image.