What Makes a Winning Image?

The intent of this SIG is to help members evaluate and improve their own images.
We will review the elements of image analysis and then review a process for critiquing our own work.

There will be two groups of this SIG:
        A:  Intermediate and advanced for those interested in fine honing their images and critique skills.
         B:  Less confident, new to competition;  uncertain about competing and wanting to develop confidence as well as skill.

The SIG will meet on zoom:
        A: Will meet the second Friday of the month from 10-12.
        B:  Will meet the Second Wednesday of the month from 10-12

Membership of each SIG will be limited to 15 personsIf interested contact:
     SIG A—Kathryn Harris                  kathrynph@aol.com
     SIG B—Deb Payette & Paul Hammesfahr  debpayette@gmail.com  alkchemer@aol.com 

SIG Leaders: Kathryn Harris & Deb Payette/Paul Hammesfahr