Night Sky


Description: This SIG is designed for photographers who are interested in photographing the night sky (e.g., the Milky Way, the moon, star trail, and special astral events).


SIG Leaders:  John Whitmore ( and Doug Miller (


Prerequisites: For best results, you should have a digital camera capable of manual exposure, a wide-angle lens (preferably one with a wide aperture), a tripod, a headlamp with a red light, and computer software for processing images. 


Membership: There are no current restrictions on the size of this group.  To become a member of this SIG, contact Linda Rosenbluth or John Whitmore by email, and provide your contact information (email and mobile number) as well as an idea of the equipment you will be shooting with.


Meeting Schedule: The group will meet one or two times per month (weather permitting) to shoot for 2-3 hours (obviously, after dark). "Dark" locations (e.g., Cape Henlopen State Park, Assateague Island National Seashore, and possibly others) are preferred because of low light pollution.  Occasional classroom sessions will be offered to review various shooting techniques, planning tools, processing software and tips.


Expected Outcomes: Members will learn the necessary techniques for photographing the night sky and producing great images.




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