Description: This SIG is intended to be a way we can share information and help each other within the club.  Our present day higher end cameras are becoming more complicated. For example, the reference guide for the Nikon Z9 is over 900 pages long.  The goal of this SIG is to provide a forum for Nikon Z owners to learn and share advice, recommendation, troubleshooting, etc.  


SIG Leader: John Hoyt


Membership: There are no current restrictions on the size of this group.  To become a member of this SIG, contact John Hoyt by email (click HERE) , and provide your contact information (email and mobile number) as well as an idea of the equipment you will be shooting with. Highly recommended that members own one or more of Nikon’s mirrorless Z camera bodies.


Meeting Schedule: Monthly Zoom meetings are planned and we hope to get some type of forum on the CCC website, where we can exchange information.


Expected Outcomes: Members will share information on Nikon’s Z cameras, lenses and accessories.

To access meeting recordings:               “See SIG Leader for Password”