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Join the Coastal Camera Club for our

Virtual Photo Beach Bash


Saturday 2/25/2023  @ 3pm EST

Visualization: Picturing the Unique Possibilities by Colleen Miniuk


Sunday 2/26/2023  @ 3pm EST

Understanding Creativity to improve Your Photography  Joe Edelman


The Coastal Camera Club is located in Lewes, Delaware, USA. Prior to COVID-19, our club hosted the Photo Beach Bash in late winter to early spring on one weekend day at a conference hotel in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. For the past two years we have successfully gone virtual with past speakers Kristi Odom, Joe Brady, and David duChemin attracting an audience of over 500 from around the world.  Please join us on the weekend of February 25-26, 2023 for these exciting presentations by nationally known speakers Colleen Miniuk and Joe Edelman.

 This event will be free of charge, but you must sign up using our EventBrite link found below.

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 The Coastal Camera Club is a tax exempt 501(c)3. We would greatly appreciate tax exempt (for U.S. residents) donations using the DONATE link below. All those who donate will be automatically entered to the following two raffles: (1) a series of books from Colleen Miniuk, and (2) a print from Joe Edelman. The winners will be drawn at 8pm on the day of each talk and the winners will be notified by email.


In addition, the CCC is holding our regular club meetings via zoom for the foreseeable future. Any interested photographers are welcome to join our club by going to our website at


 Saturday February 25, 2023 from 3-5pm EST

 Visualization: Picturing the Unique Possibilities    Colleen Miniuk

When a scene excites us, photographers often feel compelled to grab our camera out of our backpacks and shoot, shoot, shoot! Join Colleen Miniuk for an enlightening presentation on how visualizing your photograph before you begin photographing—whether at home or in the field—can help you record more effective and more meaningful images. She’ll share what visualization is (and isn’t), how it differs from pre- and post-visualization, how visualization ties into the creative process, and how to approach landscapes with mindfulness, gather inventories, and translate your ideas into pixels without a camera in your hands. In picturing your picture before you create it, you’ll be on your way to deeper and more meaningful visual expressions.”


About Colleen


 Colleen Miniuk is a full-time freelance outdoor photographer, writer, publisher, instructor, and motivational speaker, supporting a wide range of assignments for editorial and commercial clients. Specializing in nature and outdoor recreation, my purpose as an outdoor communicator is to inspire and help others enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Based in Chandler, Arizona, she began making photographs of the Western landscapes in 2001.    Her publication credits include National Geographic calendars, Arizona HighwaysAAA VIA, On LandscapeNational Parks Traveler, and a broad variety of other publications. 

In hopes of encouraging others to enjoy the Great Outdoors, she authored the award-winning guidebooks, Wild in Arizona: Photographing Arizona’s Wildflowers, A Guide to When, Where, & How (1st and 2nd editions). I also authored the instructional eBook, Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography and acted as the publisher and editor for Wild in Arizona: Photographing Arizona’s Wildlife, A Guide to When, Where, & How. Colleen is working on her first travel adventure memoir, Going with the Flow.

Colleen has also served three times as an Artist-in-Residence with Acadia National Park (November 2010, October 2011, and January 2013) which enabled me to author the award-winning guidebook, Photographing Acadia National Park: The Essential Guide to When, Where, and How (1st and 2nd editions).

Leading photography workshops for her own company, CMS Photography, as well as organizations like the Arizona Highways Photography Workshops (AHPW), Moab Photography Symposium, The Nature Conservancy, Arizona Wildlife Federation's "Becoming an Outdoor Woman," Through Each Others Eyes, and for numerous private clients. In 2017, Colleen started Sheography™, all women's photography workshops. And in late 2019, started the photography advice column, Dear Bubbles 


Sunday February 26, 2023 starting at 3PM

Understanding Creativity to improve Your Photography   Joe Edelman

If we all have the potential to be creative, why is it so hard? In this fun and enlightening presentation, we will explore some science behind creativity. Where does it come from? Are humans born with it, or do they learn it? Is it possible to make yourself more creative? 

The answers that are the results of research done by cognitive psychologists will surprise you, frustrate you, and excite you.

Armed with a better understanding of how creativity works, Joe will help us lay the foundation to be able to develop more creative skills and become a better, more creative photographer, with tips that will help you to see and think about your subjects in ways that you never have before.

What you will learn:

  • Why is it so hard to be creative? We will look at the science behind our creative struggles.
  • The number one reason why people have a hard time improving as creative photographers.
  • A new definition of Creativity that will free your thought process and change the way you approach creating.
  • Joe's TOP TEN TIPS for improving your creativity to become a better photographer.
  • … and much more!

About Joe

  Joe Edelman is an award-winning photographer, author, and photo educator.His educational mission: "To help photographers to develop a solid understanding of the HOWS and WHYS behind creating great photographs." Joe is honored to hold the title of Photographic Craftsman, a designation given to those who have met the standards of excellence set by the Professional Photographers of America in recognition of service to the photographic profession as an orator, author, and mentor. He takes great pride in sharing his experience as the host of the weekly The LAST FRAME Livea 60-minute photography Livestream that appears on YouTube. His channel boasts 300 +videos viewed over 11.8 million times by more than 180,000 subscribers in 114 countries. Joe has also earned a reputation as a lively and popular presenter at photography conferences and is frequently featured on major photography news websites and podcasts. From his start as a newspaper photojournalist while still in high school to his work today photographing all types of people, his photographs have been published internationally in magazines like Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Get Fit, and Shape, to name but a few. He has been called upon to complete assignments for the New York Times and The Los Angeles Times and has serviced commercial advertising clients from all over the United States.


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