"The group will meet virtually for the coming months. Please contact Leslie for meeting dates and times."  

Description: Participants in this SIG will explore the topic of Fine Art Photography and

the things that help define what Fine Art Photography is. The group will participate in tutorials and talks. Visits to exhibits and galleries will help members see how other artists have conveyed their ideas. Participants will tap into local and regional artists and curators to guide them. There will be opportunities for participants to meet to discuss their ideas and get feedback on their work.

SIG Leader:   Leslie Sinclair (scubalas@hotmail.com)

Prerequisite: All that is required to join this SIG is an interest in pursuing the topic of Fine Art Photography.

Membership: Membership is limited to 20. To join the group, please contact Leslie

Sinclair and advise her of your interest in joining the group and provide her with your contact information (email address and mobile number).

Location, times: The group will meet at the Rehoboth Art League on the fourth

Tuesday of every month for approximately 1.5 hours. Trips to visit galleries and exhibits will be also be scheduled. Some flexibility in scheduling may occur to accommodate speakers or field trips.

Expected outcomes:  Participants will learn from participating in discussions and

viewing art and will begin to form their own personal definitions of fine art photography.

Critique sessions will provide an opportunity for participants to improve and develop their personal photographic vision and style. Group members will form relationships with and learn from other Fine Art Photographers. Participants may share what they have learned through displaying work in an exhibit, a mentoring session or program for other club members.