Upcoming Speakers

2023-2024 Season

"Why We Photograph Birds and How To Do It" Presented by Ed Norman. September 13, 2023 6:30-8PM


Using photos from his extensive collection, Ed Norman will cover such topics as why we photograph birds, where to find them, appropriate gear and settings, shooting birds in flight, the best time of day, bird photography ethics, and aesthetics. Ed will also include some photographs from his volunteer work with the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Peregrine Falcons program.


Riegelsville, Pennsylvania resident Ed Norman has been a birder since he was a teenager and a photographer ever since he took a Black & White Photography course in college. It wasn’t until he retired 13 years ago that he finally put his two passions together.  Ed joined the local Bucks County Birders club and saw a program of wonderful bird photographs by local birder/photographer, the late Howard Eskin, who invited him to come along on one of his excursions. Ed was hooked. He now spends his time chasing birds wherever appropriate habitat occurs from his backyard to Alaska to South Africa.

Ed has challenged himself to make more than just good “Guide Book” photos but to show the bird’s personality as they interact with their environment, each other and with we humans. Birds in flight are of particular interest.

Ed was a volunteer with the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Peregrine Falcon reintroduction program where he photographed adult Falcons at nest sites around the state.  He was tasked with getting photographs of the bird’s leg bands, if any, so they could be tracked for population studies. He regularly contributes photos to the Macaulay Library's Online Archive of Biodiversity Media at Cornell University.  Ed also donates his photos to a wide variety of environmental organizations.

When not shooting birds, Ed enjoys photographing other wildlife, his grandchildren, and the local landscape.

Ed and his wife Mary Jane live in Riegelsville, Bucks County, Pa. They have 4 children, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild.


Web site:        https://edsbirds.smugmug.com/



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"The Gift of Work - Thirty Years in the Making". Presented by Annie O'Neill. October 11, 2023 6:30-8PM




This will be a discussion about working on and off again on one photography project for decades and how it has sustained me and the people I've photographed have inspired me along the entire journey.





Annie O’Neill was born onto a team, she's the ninth of ten children to Margaret and James O'Neill of Long Island, NY.  She attended The University of Missouri for her Bachelor of Journalism degree.  She received her fiery baptism info professional journalism at The Detroit
News, where she worked for two years before joining the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as a staff photographer.  Her accomplishments in documenting news and other human activity have been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association, Society of Newspaper Design, and Golden Quills.  She was a Knight Fellow at Ohio University and has been named both Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Photographer of the Year.   After 13 years as a staff photographer in Pittsburgh she struck out on her own to run her own photography business. After 15 years as an independent photographer, she returned to a staff position as a photographer at the
Cleveland Clinic. She is also a member of The  Documentary Works, a photo collaborative focusing on social and environmental justice based in Pittsburgh, PA.  She has authored one photo book, Unquiet Ruin – A Photographic Excavation and is currently working on her second, The Gift of Work.



Web site:        http://www.annieoneill.com/



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"Beauty Among the Ruins" Presented by Carol Mossa. Nov. 8, 2023 from 6:30-8PM



Curious about urban exploration?


Let urbex photographer, Carol Mossa, take you inside the visually unique world of abandoned schools, churches, hospitals, nightclubs, asylums, junkyards, and barns. From choosing a location, to capturing the money shot, Mossa reveals the practical and creative decisions made along the way.




Coming of age in Bristol, Connecticut in the 1960s, teaching and nursing were advanced as the two primary choices for career-minded young women. I became a high school English teacher and later a newspaper columnist and eventually an author of two books of informational non-fiction.


I had been an art minor in college, studying art history, painting watercolors and dabbling in film and darkroom techniques. While these pursuits deeply engaged me, I was not brought up believing art was a serious occupational option.


In the late 1990s, my youngest daughter became a nationally-ranked equestrian competitively horse showing her string of ponies. To quiet my anxiety as she guided her ponies over series of jumps, I began taking candid photographs of her and the other riders at our barn. Fast forward to a line of greeting cards, two solo cross-country road trips, publication of my third book, Linger Longer: Lessons from a Contemplative Life, and photography began to take up more of my time and commitment.


In 2017, I discovered a group of regional photographers who traveled around the world photographing abandoned buildings, and like magic, my love of and passion for urbex photography---urban exploration---was born.


I have had access to countless abandoned schools, hospitals, nightclubs, asylums, farmhouses, churches, barns and junkyards. Each time I enter these haloed spaces, I am deeply moved by their ruin and their beauty. I hope you will take a moment to honor the individuals who lived and even perished in some of these buildings.


There is beauty among the ruins.



Web site:        https://www.carolmossa.com/


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" Composition and Light in the New Zealand Landscape " Presented by William Patino. Dec 6, 2023 6:30-8:00 PM


In this presentation professional landscape photographer William Patino will share his photography journey and approach to capturing the rugged and wild New Zealand landscape.


“I grew up in the coastal town of Wollongong, NSW Australia and I’ve been a full-time landscape photographer since 2014. I now reside in the mountainside town of Te Anau, in the South Island of New Zealand. I’m a husband and father to two young children.


“Photography came into my life around 2011 and it has helped me see the world differently, giving me a newfound appreciation for nature and the many intricacies that I once overlooked and perhaps took for granted. My work is based around a deep reverence and awe of nature and the creator, and it’s this that I try and express through my images. My love for dramatic light and atmosphere is a constant inspiration, and I enjoy the endless pursuit of these elusive moments and the freedom found within.”



Web site:        https://williampatino.com/



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"From Capture to Print: The Art of Black and White Photography" Presented by Lewis Katz. January 10, 2024 6:30-8:00PM



This presentation is a unique combination of the “how to” with the “why and when” which sets it apart from other presentations in regards to black and white photography.  The program begins with a brief look at images created by some of the “masters” with topics such as pattern, texture, shape, and light demonstrated.   There is a brief discussion of color theory and its importance in creating dramatic black and white conversions.  I then convert some personal images using both Lightroom as well as Nik software with the emphasis being on the emotional impact.  A brief review of the print module of Lightroom is followed by a question and answer session.



Photography has been a part of Lewis Katz’s life since early childhood.  He remembers his dad looking down into the viewfinder of his twin-lens reflex camera.  Dad then moved on to a Konica rangefinder that was always by his side.  Lewis has vivid memories of family slide shows of vacations and private moments.  Lewis’s first camera was an Olympus Pen F half-frame beauty and he then moved through the full line of Olympus OM models.  He still shoots Olympus today and has added a Nikon to his bag.

Emotive displays were not commonplace in Lewis’s childhood home.  The camera and the image became an outlet for suppressed feelings as well as for artistic expression.  Although he had travelled out west as a teenager, it wasn’t until several years after college when he lived in southern York county, Pennsylvania that he truly discovered landscape photography.  His career in the travel industry has taken him to numerous destinations including most of the major National Parks.

When Lewis moved to Baltimore in 2001, he discovered and joined the Baltimore Camera Club.  He was awed and humbled by the talent there.  More importantly, he found the companionship of fellow photographers which is so important to him to this day.  The Club remains an integral part of his photography life, and he has been honored with many awards from the club.

Teaching photography is another essential component of Lewis’s photography life, as he loves sharing his passion.  He currently teaches for the Johns Hopkins Odyssey program, the Capital Photography Center in DC and for private students as well.  He lives for those Aha! moments that only teaching can provide.


Web site:        https://www.lewiskatzphotography.com/   


Registration:      https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUqfuGtrj4tHtHzeEDDkhsiR65AOH_DGLN4


"Travel Photography" Presented by Denise Silva. January 31, 2024. 6:30-8:00PM


 This presentation focuses on how to prepare, both literally and mentally, for travel photography. We don’t always get what we expect when we plan our epic vacations… learn how to roll with the punches in the entertaining presentation. Also, learn some handy tips and tricks on how to be prepared for the challenges of destination photography.


Denise’s interest in photography started when her grandmother would share images from her travels to Egypt and Africa for safari. The evenings watching slideshows set the seed. 35-years later those seeds took root and inspired Denise to embrace photography and more specifically travel photography and Road Runner Photography Tours was born.

Denise has been recognized as one of the Top 200 Women Photographers Who Inspire by Nature Photo Guides and has had multiple articles published in Extraordinary Vision (EV) Magazine, and is a featured artist in Breakthrough Photography’s Guide to Night Sky Photography.   Her passion is to share her knowledge of photography, while introducing people to the amazing landscapes, wildlife, and people all over the world.   She has contributed multiple articles to Fujifilm X/GFX USA website and has been interviewed by Peggy Farren, of Understanding Photography, on Overcoming the Challenges of Street Photography




Denise embraces the idea that every day above ground is a good one, so get out and enjoy!


Web site:        https://roadrunnerphotographytours.com/



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"Unlock your Photography Superpower with Light Painting" Presented by Susan Magnano. February 21, 2024. 6:30-8:00 PM


Step into the mesmerizing world of Luminescent Portraits with Susan Magnano as your guide!   Get ready for an illuminating journey as she unveils her best-kept secrets to crafting captivating light paintings that will leave you in awe.

From scouting locations to selecting the perfect gear, Susan will equip you with the tools you need to bring your visions to life.   You'll be amazed as she reveals how to create your very own light painting tools and master various patterns and techniques that will elevate your artistry to new heights. 

She will share with you her tricks and tips that will help build your artistic vision and inspire you to embrace the darkness and go out and create.


Susan Magnano's artistry shines brightly in the darkness as a photographer, explorer, and educator. Renowned for her expertise in light painting, long exposures, and night photography, she experiments and pushes the boundaries of visual art. With over two decades of experience and multiple awards under her belt, Susan fearlessly leads photo adventures across the globe, inviting others to join her on a creative quest filled with wonder and enchantment.  She is an Ambassador for  Benro Tripods, Nisi Optic USA and AOAM.


Web site:        https://www.photouradventures.com/



Registration:      https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMofuqsqDIpH9bE6dAAL4lxMjxe_hc4wL1Y

"Seeing in the Dark, Night and Milky Way Photography" Presented by Silvana Della Camera. March 13, 2024 6:30-8:00PM


Ah, night photography. The night is rich with color, much richer than what our eyes perceive. We have poor night vision, but our digital cameras can see very well in the dark. Modern digital cameras are capable of capturing the intense pallet of the city at night and the delicate hues of the Milky Way. We chase the light from sunrise to sunset. However, we don’t need to shelve our cameras after the colors of the sunset disappear. That’s when the magic begins. Let your camera expand your night vision and be prepared to be amazed.


A software engineer by trade, Silvana began her fascination with photography as a very small child. The early fascination turned into a lifelong obsession. Decades later her passion never faltered, but her view of the world evolved. Photographing what the eye can't perceive is what she loves best to capture.

Past President of the Stony Brook Camera Club, she is the recipient of many photography awards. Her images have appeared in Lighthouse Digest, Yankee Magazine, and the Boston Globe, and were featured in Nikon’s 100th birthday celebration. She has presented and judged at camera club councils, camera clubs, and art associations throughout the US.

Silvana helps others expand their own photographic vision through her photography workshops, photo walks, photo tours, private instruction, and club presentations on various photography topics including infrared, Milky Way, black & white, nightscapes, deep space photography, and time-lapse. She challenges photographers to consider that there is much more in a scene than what is visible to the human eye and to tap into the power of their cameras to discover it.

To her, life is best summarized by the quote “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” – from the 1958 film “Auntie Mame”.

Web site:        https://silvanadellacamera.com/


Registration:      https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUtcOupqD4jGNXzjDLGjA6jHk3E-FUQfTS5

"Composition: Shooting with Intent" Presented by Mark Battista. April 10, 2024 6:30-8:00PM



Mark Battista, Artist and Fine Art Photographer, will share his insight on composition to create images that tell a story, effectively communicate an idea and express an emotion.  Come explore ways of taking your photography to a whole new level through the use of compositional strategies to create more visually impactful images. Mark’s years of training and working as a painter has influenced how he arranges elements in his photographic images. Discover ways of composing inspired by master painters of the past and learn how to apply those skills to your photographic imagery.

Topics covered include:

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Value
  • Creating a focal point through contrast of tone, color or area of focus
  • Point of view/ framing a subject
  • Balance and visual weight vs. "Rules"


Mark Battista is a painter and fine art photographer specializing in portrait and still life photography. He graduated from Paier College with a B.F.A. and an M.S. in art education from S.C.S.U. He recently retired from teaching art after 35 years.

He is a sought-after speaker who has presented across the US bringing insight and inspiration to painters and photographers.

Mark's artwork and photography has been internationally recognized and has won awards from organizations such as the Salmagundi Art Club in NYC, the New York Center For

Photographic Arts, the American Artists Professional League and the CT Watercolor Society. He recently won the Grand Prize and Second Place in an international exhibit through nyc4pa.

He is represented by the Salmagundi Club in NYC.

Mark recently published two eBooks on Still Life Photography and composition which helps others create images with impact and meaning.

Web site:        https://www.markbattista.com/