Upcoming Speakers

2022-2023 Season


"Light Weavings"

Presented by Elisabeth Bard. January 4, 2023 6:30-8 PM



I am in search of images that have a quiet, meditative quality, simple gifts to soothe our souls.

Texture, color and the patina of our surroundings stimulate my senses and lead to the creation of environmental tapestries and dreamlike scenes.

Elisabeth Bard studied fine art and photography at Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio and worked as a graphic artist as well as a fine artist. She returned full-time to photography during the late 1990s and makes this the main focus of her creative endeavors, viewing herself primarily as an artist who just happens to use a camera. Abstracts focusing upon texture, color and time are her main love and focus. She has been experimenting with “painting” with light across the sensor of the camera using a slow shutter speed and moving the camera as well as her body. So the camera is the “brush” and light the “paint.”

Elisabeth has exhibited locally, including museums such as the Biggs Museum of American Art and the Delaware Art Museum.  She has won multiple awards for her work including the prestigious Delaware Emerging Artist for Photography and placed first and third in the Brandywine Plein Air Competition.  As well, she has been twice selected as a Master Artisan for Delaware By Hand, a division of the Biggs Museum in Dover, DE.  Her work is included in the collections of the Biggs Museum of American Art and PNC Bank. She is a member of several local arts and photographic organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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"Abstract Architecture Photography- Creativity in Composition"

Presented by Angie McMonigal. January 11, 2023 6:30-8 PM


I'm a fine art and commercial architecture photographer based in Chicago striving to bring a detailed, thoughtful perspective to my work, whether for clients or through the workshops I lead. Having grown up surrounded by nature yet fascinated by the big city I've called home for more than two decades; I bring the meditative calm of my upbringing to a terrain that's always transforming. Drawing from my education in the micro sciences (molecular biology, microbiology, virology) my focus is more frequently on bold architectural details rather than sweeping cityscapes, creating images that celebrate those unexpectedly iconic elements hiding in plain sight.

I work with art consultants, designers, architectural firms, and private collectors to provide compelling photographs for their collections. I've also collaborated with national and global brands, including Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Stir, and Icebreaker, creating distinctive images to complement their brands. I am available for commissioned, one-of-a-kind projects for both individual and corporate collectors. My goal is to create images that draw out the organic interplay between design, structure, environment, and society.

Publication credits include Shots Magazine, National Geographic, WSJ, among others. Exhibitions by galleries in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona and other destinations, including my Urban Quilt series with the Catherine Edelman Gallery's Chicago Project.


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"How to make a Night Photograph in Any Lighting Situation" 

Presented by Lance Keimig, Feb 8, 2023 6:30-8 PM

Night photography is a broad genre of photography with specialized niches. Lance will share his system of simple steps to help you focus on what is important in each niche. Different conditions require different tactics and require prioritizing different exposure variables to get the best results. Learn a methodical process to the technical aspects of photography so you can concentrate on creativity.

Lance's Bio: 

Night Photography has been my passion since I was first handed a camera 30 years ago. No, my father did not give me a Brownie, but my girlfriend introduced me to her Canon AE1, which I promptly took into my bedroom, turned off the lights, opened the shutter, and started waving a flashlight around to see what would happen. From the first rolls of film that I ever shot, I have been fascinated with the way that time can be expressed and distorted with long exposure photography. The ability to make images that record time differently that how we perceive it with our eyes has held my attention for all of this time.


After exhausting all of the photography classes at the local community college, I moved to San Francisco to study with legendary Bay Area night photographer Steve Harper. Studying with Steve was a life changing experience. In his classes, I learned not only about night photography, but I learned what it meant to be a great teacher. When I began to teach my own workshops eight years later, I based my workshops on my time with Steve. His classes were all about sharing ideas. There was no competition, no rivalry, and the students and instructor all worked and learned together in the most supportive and friendly environment I’ve ever experienced.


I taught my first night photography workshop at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco in 1998, and knew after that experience that I wanted to teach, and to take the reigns from my mentor Steve Harper, who had recently retired. Since then, I’ve taught well over 100 night photography workshops around the US, and led more than 25 international photo tours. I’ve written 2 books on the subject, and lectured on night photography at conferences in New York, Boston, Houston, San Francisco, and Glasgow, Scotland and San Paulo, Brazil.


For me, teaching is not about showing people how to do what I do, but helping people to open the doors and windows to their own creativity, and how to find meaning in their work. Much more than the technical aspects of photography it’s facing those big questions that lead to real growth as an artist. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to do work that I love and to share what I have learned with others who catch the night photography fever.


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"Perspective and Perception: The Myth of Style"

Presented by Lewis Katz. March 1, 2023 6:30-8 PM


This presentation delves into the subject of how we as photographers perceive the composition in our viewfinder and how by altering our perspective, even slightly, the image will become more emotional, dramatic and powerful, both to the viewer as well as the photographer. Minor White was once quoted as saying “Every image is a self portrait.” I believe that to be true especially in cases of the photographer having a strong emotional connection to the subject. However this shift in perspective is quite different from developing your own personal “style” of photography. In this presentation I will discuss and demonstrate the myth of style and how searching for it is actually hindering your own creative process.



Photography has been part of me from a young age. An early memory of my Dad is him looking down through the viewfinder of his twin lens reflex camera. He soon graduated to a Konica rangefinder that was constantly by his side. I vividly remember the slide shows of family vacations as well as more private moments shared by my parents. My first camera was the Olympus Pen F half frame beauty and I soon moved through the full line of Olympus OM models. Fast forward to the digital cameras and images of today. I still shoot Olympus but have added a Nikon to the bag.

Emotive displays were not commonplace in my home growing up. The camera and the image became an outlet for suppressed feelings as well as for artistic expression. Many years after college I lived in southern York county Pennsylvania and its rural beauty. Although I had been out west as a teenager it was here that I truly discovered landscape photography. Through my career in the travel industry many other trips followed including visiting most of the major National Parks.

After moving to Baltimore in 2001 I discovered and joined the Baltimore Camera Club. I was quickly in awe and humbled by the talent and more importantly I found the companionship of fellow members which is so important to me to this day. The Baltimore Camera Club remains an integral part of my photography life. I have been honored and have received many awards from the competitions at the club.

Teaching photography is another essential component of my photography life as I love sharing my passion. I currently teach for the Johns Hopkins Odyssey program, the Capital Photography Center of DC and for private students as well. I live for those aha moments that only teaching can provide.


My favorite Ansel Adams quote is “A great photograph is one that truly expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” In the same way that your camera captures the light being reflected my photography reflects who I am and all of the experiences of my life.

“A still photograph is the illusion of a literal description, of how a camera saw a piece of time and space….I like to think of photographing as a two way act of respect. Respect for the medium, by letting it do what it does best, describe. And respect for the subject, by describing it as it as. A photograph must be responsible to both” Garry Winogrand 1974


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"15 Ways to Improve Your Photography"

Presented By Thomas Bol.  March 8, 2023 6:30-8 PM


Looking for tips to improve your photography?  Feeling like you are in a creative rut and want to take the next step?  Join Tom for this presentation to be inspired and learn new approaches in your photography.  During this class, Tom will discuss both creative strategies and new techniques to help improve your image making.  He will discuss alternative compositions, creative lighting, maximizing acuity and evoking emotion in the landscape.  Tom will also look at how new technology is opening up new creative techniques in-camera.  Tom's passion and energy for photography is contagious.  Get ready for an entertaining and informative discussion on improving your photography.

Thomas Bol is One of America’s Top Visionaries’ -National Geographic Adventure. He is a Sandisk Extreme Team member, a KelbyOne Instructor and  Nikon USA speaker.  Photo District News calls him ‘One of the best photo workshop leaders in the country’.

Thomas' bio: Photography is what I do.  My career started with a degree in journalism, and I’ve been shooting professionally for over 30 years.  My work has taken me to all seven continents and nearly 90 countries.  I’ve been teaching workshops and seminars since the beginning of my career and enjoy teaching photography as much as shooting assignments.  I produce images for a variety of editorial, commercial and advertising clients. I’m a regular contributor to numerous photography publications and focus on adventure sports, portraits and travel. My commercial assignment work ranges from photographing advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies to creating content for worldwide tourism promotions.


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"Adventures in Bird Photography"

Presented by Irene Sacilotto. April 12, 2023 6:30-8PM


This presentation is based on my more than 35 plus years’ experience photographing wildlife in the U.S. & abroad. Birds are my favorite subject to photograph. They are found everywhere — backyards, forests, barrier islands, wetlands, etc. The program covers the requirements, strategies, techniques, and equipment required to capture engaging images. Included is information on lighting and composition, plus on locating and approaching subjects as well as capturing subject behavior. Also covered is safety and ethics. Living near the Mid-Atlantic barrier islands, a number of national wildlife refuges, and the Chesapeake Bay, I have many images from these locations. The program is interwoven with some entertaining stories behind some of the photos.


Irene's BIO:  For more than 35 years, I have shared my photographic experiences and love of nature with thousands of individuals through more than 300 photo classes, workshops, lectures, and tours in both the U.S. and abroad including Iceland, Newfoundland, the Falkland Islands, the Brazilian Pantanal, South Dakota Badlands, Bosque del Apache, Chincoteague NWR, Tangier Island, etc. Program sponsors have included zoos, nature centers, camera clubs, and conservation organizations such as National Wildlife Federation and the Assateague Island Alliance. I have written “How To” articles on nature photography for national publications such as Outdoor Photographer and Birding. My images have appeared in magazines, calendars, and books published by National Wildlife Federation, National Geographic, Natural History Society, and Sierra Club. Credits include the book, “Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, an Ecological Treasure.”


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