Assigned Pictorial Topics for 2023-2024


September 27th - Dancing: Rhythmic Movement which may be accompanied by music.  Can be a metaphor for any type of rhythmic movement of people, flowers, animals, waters

October 25th - Decay: The state or process of:  deterioration, rotting or decomposition; declining in quality, power or vigor

November 15th - Eastern Shore:  Image should have been taken on the Delmarva Peninsula (between the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay/Atlantic Ocean) and should highlight the areas natural and cultural richness

December 13th - Bicycle:  Image should highlight the bi (two) and cycle (wheel) aspects of a vehicle that is powered by pedaling

January 24th - Purple:  Image should include the color purple which is a blend of red and blue and is often associated with rarity, royalty, mystery, and piety

February 28th - ICM - Intentional Camera Movement:  an image where the camera is moved during the exposure to make a streaking effect on the recording  medium for a creative or artistic result.

March 27th - Backlit:  A backlit image is one where the light source is placed behind the subject so that the subject is in front of the light source.

April 24th - Found in a Kitchen: An image that shows subjects that could be found in any kitchen, in any place in this world.     


For a pdf version of the assigned topics list for 2023-2024 click Topics for Assigned Pictorial