Assigned Topics for 2022 – 2023

September 28th -  Motion:  continual change or movement in the physical position of a person or object;
October 26th - Standing out in a crowd:  to be unusual
November 16th - Repetition:  a thing repeated or duplicated
December 14th - Weathered Persons: a person seasoned by exposure to the weather, a survivor of a challenging experience, haggard, rejected, aged, veteran, old hand.
January 25th - Abstract: an image that does not have an immediate association with the physical world. An abstract image can be created with a variety of camera techniques such as intentional camera movement (icm), reflections, macro photography, patterns, blurs, light painting, bokeh, and architecture among others. Abstract images can also be created in post-production.
February 22nd - Leading Lines: leading lines direct the viewer’s attention to particular parts of an image. There may be actual lines or a succession of individual components. Leading lines guide the viewer’s eyes to the point of interest in the frame. This movement adds a dynamic feeling to the photograph.
March 22nd - Abandoned: left without needed protection, or care; forsaken or deserted.
April 26th - Unique Perspective: a photograph shot from an other than comfortable zone, captured other than eye level



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Assigned Topics 2022-2023