Apprentice Judge

Description: A Special Interest Group to learn the skills of evaluating and scoring
images in the monthly CCC competition.

SIG Leader: Kathryn Harris

An interest in learning both what makes a winning image and an interest
in learning the skills to evaluate, score and critique images.

The group will be limited to 12 persons.

Meeting Schedule: Members will attend the monthly CCC competition (September-
April), and practice scoring the competition images. We will then meet from 10-12 the Friday following the competition to review the images and the scores. (This will be the 4th Friday of
the month except for November and December when we will meet the third Friday of the
month given the holidays.)

Expected Outcomes: Members will learn to critically identify the components of
what makes a winning image; comfortably and competently score at a CCC competition; and
give thoughtful and constructive feedback on images to the photographer.