Anne-Easterseals Walk Photo 41



SIG - Leader:  Sam Markman


Brief Description:

The Event Photography SIG is interested in developing a cadre of photographers who understand the basics of photographing events, people and activities and who can volunteer to provide photographic services to the many organizations (largely 501c3's) who request our support. Recently this SIG has supported the Schell Christmas Village, Easterseals walk, Lewes Chamber of Commerce, Operation Seal the Day, Paddle Second Chance, Italian-American Organization and Fort Miles Historical Society.


A digital camera, speed light (flash), and a basic understanding of your camera's functions.  To a large extent, most things learned will be independent of camera manufacturer, but the instructors will work primarily with Nikon and Canon equipment (some support for Fujifilm as well).  Having a paper copy or digital file of your camera's User Manual will be extremely helpful.

Max. # of club members:

No restrictions on the size of the group

Location, day and time of meetings:

Meetings will occur, on average, once a month, but additional meeting may be called based upon needs.  Since the venue of events vary, meetings will be held in various locations designed to match various event venues (both indoor and outdoor).

Expected Outcomes:

The goal is to provide club members with a greater detailed knowledge of their equipment (cameras and strobe lights) and how to use that equipment to properly photograph events.  Members will gain a greater level of comfort in using their gear to photograph a variety of events. This will include how to choose the proper lens, camera settings and lighting setups, etc., how to develop a "story" with your photographs, and how to process and distribute photos to event organizers.

Leader's Contact Info:

Sam Markman

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