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Southern Maryland (SOMD) Critique SIG




Southern Maryland (SOMD) Critique Special Interest Group 

BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  With an emphasis on photography in Southern Maryland, the purpose of this group is to promote photography as a hobby, providing a forum for exchanging knowledge of the subject and inspiring amateur photographers toward improving their art. This group will explore what makes a good photograph, both technically and artistically, and may see some editing demonstrated in Lightroom, Photoshop, DxO/NIK, Topaz software, etc., to show how to implement suggested changes to their photos, etc.

SIG LEADER:  Beth Fabey, nonnie.fabey@gmail.com

Co-leader: Leon Smith, leonsmith@md.metrocast.net                     

PREREQUISITES:  A desire to improve general photography skills, both technical and artistic, in an informal, small group setting; a willingness to present photos to the group for critques; and a willingness to plan and lead informal presentations to the group as well as field trips.

MEMBERSHIP:  The group will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants. To become a member of this SIG, contact Beth Fabey, nonnie.fabey@gmail.com, to advise her of your interest in joining the group and to provide her with your contact information (email and mobile number). Since the number of participants is limited, members should renew their SOMD SIG membership in January of each year by contacting the SIG Leader.

MEETING SCHEDULE:  Regular monthly meetings are planned. Each meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and last several hours via Zoom.  The meetings will include:

(a) review and critique members' photographs;

(b) have a presentation and/or a discussion planned and/or led by a group member;

(c) have a mini-competition, separate from the general CCC competitions, to gain more feedback from a judge as to how to improve a photo; 

d) have field trips planned and led by group members in order to have opportunities for informal mentoring in the field and for building members' photo libraries. Trips may be planned last-minute to take advantage of good weather forecasts and special events not advertised far in advance. ***Field trip participants must be dues-paying members of CCC,   provide "In Case of Emergency" contact information to the trip leader and have a signed Release of Liability form on file with the CCC***   

EXPECTED OUTCOMES:  Members should gain confidence in evaluating photos and improving their photographic skills.


For CCC members who have an interest in learning and exploring how to shoot Macro and Close-up photography.

Night Sky Photography


The Night Sky SIG is for interested CCC members to explore photographing the night sky: the Milky Way, the moon, and special astral events.

Photography as Fine Art


Participants in this SIG will explore the topic of Fine Art Photography and the things that help define what Fine Art Photography is.

Event  Photography


This group is for anyone interested in learning how to take better photographs of people. Participants will learn how to pose, light and photograph individuals and groups of people, both outdoors in natural light and indoors using speedlights and studio strobes.

Wildlife Photography


For those CCC members that have a special interest in Wildlife and Nature Photography. Together with other members, share monthly outings in the Delmarva Area to have opportunities to photograph local wildlife and share methods and techniques to get some great photos.