Post Processing

PPS - Post Processing SIG

BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  This group is intended to improve the post processing editing of its members. 

GOAL: Improve each members photo post processing skills in terms of what to edit; in what order to edit (workflow); how to edit; and expand editing skill set/techniques.


There are too many editing options to consider so to keep this simple only Photoshop edits will be discussed. For the most part Photoshop is: capable of edits done by other programs; typically considered the top rated post processing software; 

Members will independently process the same RAW file for each meeting

Each member will present their edited image

Techniques used will be discussed, explained and illustrated

SIG Leader: Bob Bryer (

PREREQUISITE:  A knowledge pf Photoshop, layers and masks. There are many Post Processing editing platforms. Interest in using and improving Photoshop post processing skills. Photoshop is probably the top rated year after year.

Membership: The group will be limited to a maximum of 6 participants. To become a member of this SIG, contact Bob Bryer ( and advise him of your interest in joining the group and provide him with your contact information (email and mobile number).

MEETING Schedule:  Regular monthly meetings are planned and each meeting will last several hours. The group will meet at a SIG members home. The format of the meetings will be (a) to review edited RAW files made by each member to the common photo for the meeting. 

Expected Outcomes:  Each member should gain proficiency deciding how to process an image along with the sequence of steps. Members will also gain insights into different editing approaches, ideas and techniques from the other participants.