Covid-19 and Coastal Camera Club

May 8, 2021

Dear fellow Coastal Camera Club Members

We hope you are all healthy and maintaining your interest in photography. 

We have been maintaining an active schedule of on-line presentations by excellent regional and nationally-known photographers.  We have also been continuing our monthly club photography competitions.  We have used the website and weekly e-mail newsletter to keep you informed. 

As many of us have been vaccinated and take appropriate social distancing and other actions, we have allowed certain SIG outings to resume, based on Delaware and national guidelines. 

Guidelines from the Sate of Delaware and national CDC are now providing frequent  updates as to what the best practices are to continue to protect ourselves and our community.  In order to adjust to this rapidly improving situation,  the Coastal Camera Club will follow the latest Delaware and  national CDC recommendations:

State of Delaware: 



Thank your for your patience and continued participation. We hope to see you in-person soon!

 Maury Kahn