CCC Covid-19 Response

May 11, 2020

Dear fellow Coastal Camera Club Member

We hope you are all healthy and maintaining your interest in photography.  Many of you are using the Stay at Home time to brush up or learn new camera and editing skills.  Many, if not most, of the members of the Coastal Camera Club are in the high-risk 65+ category with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. With current governmental restrictions and social distancing, The CCC Board along with some previous Board members has been meeting to determine how we can service the membership both now and as restrictions are relaxed. 

We do not believe that large group meetings will be an option this coming year.  The CCC board has decided that our meetings will be conducted online for the foreseeable future. This includes competitions, lectures, and classes. The competition committee is working on some new and exciting things for next year. We are looking into how to provide and expand our offerings to the club members.

Our year’s end competition will be coming up on May 13 and our awards meeting on May 27. Since online means no traffic issues from driving, we will be holding some meetings during the summer months. For example, the Fine Art Photography SIG will conduct a 90-minute lecture/demo on July 8 at 6pm. Participants will be provided with an understanding of fine art photography and how the SIG is deepening their understanding of it and working on developing their individual artistic styles.

Speaking of our Special Interest Groups, we wanted to remind you that these groups offer our members opportunities to explore different facets of photography. Most of the SIGs are currently active, online or on Facebook. You can obtain more information on the SIGs and their leaders from our Website.  We are also looking at adding new groups on using post processing software. 

Our club is run by our members for our members. The club will continue to provide value and meet our member’s educational, training and social needs in an online environment. This includes our SIGs as well as our meetings for the entire membership. We are also looking at continuing our Q&A for Novice Photographers in an online format. 

The print studio is currently closed as it is housed at RAL and it is in a small room.  We are investigating how to offer this service once RAL opens the facility.   All of you are encouraged to send in your thoughts on what works, what does not, and ideas of new online things to try out as we progress.  You can contact us at:

The Board will continue meeting throughout the summer so that we are able to provide as many services (new and old) as we can for the upcoming year.  Keep checking our weekly Newsletter.

We hope to see you continue your membership in Coastal Camera Club and invite others to join.  If you have concerns, please contact us.

 Stay well and keep shooting.

 John Hoyt                                           Maury Kahn
President                                            VP/President Elect

10 Things Beginners want to Know How to Do in Photoshop & Lightroom CC – Videos by Terry White

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Coastal Camera Club on Facebook

CCC currently has three pages on Facebook that include: Coastal Camera Club Page, Coastal Camera Club SIG Wildlife Page and Coastal Camera Club SIG iPhone Page. Any member may post on any of the pages. If you chose to post on the SIG Wildlife page, we request you share the metadata of your image so others can learn from your experience. If you post on the SIG iPhone/Smart Phone page, we ask that you list the apps used to process the images. Again, this introduces others to apps and how they might be utilized. Click here for about posting photos to Facebook. See you on Facebook. Email me if you have any questions. Sue Eberhart