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Analyze Your Lightroom Catalog

From - Lightroom is an awesome app for editing and also great for organizing your images. I tag my shoots and try to keep my Lightroom catalog nice and organized to find what I need quickly. But in today’s world of data, where we have charts for everything, Lightroom doesn’t offer the best insights into how you shoot. That’s where this free plugin comes in handy that I came across that’s fittingly called Lightroom Analytics. Lightroom Analytics is available on the App Store, or at Tip - George Evancho

Coastal Camera Club on Facebook

CCC currently has three pages on Facebook that include: Coastal Camera Club Page, Coastal Camera Club SIG Wildlife Page and Coastal Camera Club SIG iPhone Page. Any member may post on any of the pages. If you chose to post on the SIG Wildlife page, we request you share the metadata of your image so others can learn from your experience. If you post on the SIG iPhone/Smart Phone page, we ask that you list the apps used to process the images. Again, this introduces others to apps and how they might be utilized. Click here for about posting photos to Facebook. See you on Facebook. Email me if you have any questions. Sue Eberhart