Summer Camp 2017

Reminder: Our year begins June 1 and ends May 31, so only individuals or families who have paid their 2015/2016 club dues are eligible to participate in the Summer program. You may pay dues here.

Thursday, August 13

2:00pm-4pm Printing at the Print Studio
We’ll head to the Print Studio at the RAL facility on Route 9. In this session you’ll learn how to print your image using Lightroom CC (although we can also show you how to use Photoshop CC if you insist). We have both a MAC and a PC so you can pick your platform. Bring the image you want to print, in AdobeRGB format, on a USB stick (don’t worry, you’ll be shown how to do that on July 8th). You’ll be shown how to import your image, do any final editing if necessary, create a Soft Proof of the image to check if any colors are out of Gamut, and then be shown how to set the various parameters for the paper we are using as well as the Epson 4900 printer. The normal fees for the use of the Studio and paper will be paid for by the Club for this session.
Again, any member can attend this final session and participate in printing, as long as they bring their image on a memory stick.
Dick Snyder
Education Chairman

Wednesday, August 26

6:00pm - 8:30pm "Peek Under the Tent" at Cadbury Auditorium
Join us for a"Peek Under the Tent" review of all the exciting new programs, competitions, and events we have planned for the 2015-2016 season!

Wednesday, July 8

6pm - 8:00pm Getting Your Photos Ready for Printing - Cadbury Auditorium
In the first session, we went through the basics of exposure and camera operation, both in the classroom and in the field. This next session will be aimed at getting your print ready for printing.
For this session, I would like you to send me unedited photos (preferably under 1MB in size) and we’ll go through editing of the image using Lightroom, Photoshop CC, and on1 software (if necessary). Send them to me at as soon as possible. We’ll go through as many as time permits. The final step of the editing will be to size the image so it will print as an 8x10 photo and export it to a memory stick.
Members are welcome to submit photos whether they participated in the first Summer Camp session or not.
Dick Snyder
Education Chairman

Wednesday, June 10

3:30-8:30pm - Live Shooting Excursion at Cape Henlopen State Park

Now that you’ve been exposed to the basics of photography in the Photo 101 program put on by George Evancho, it’s time to reduce those basics to practice. So in the first of the Summer Boot Camp series, we’re going to do just that. Show up at the Gordon’s Pond Trail parking lot at Herring Point around 3:30. We will have SME’s available to help you with your camera, its operation, and the most appropriate settings for whatever it is you want to shoot. Based on our surveys, probably 90% of our members either use Canon or Nikon cameras. Those using something else are certainly welcome, but we would 1) tell us ahead of time what camera you have, and 2) bring your manual just in case. If you have an SLR, just bring your kit lens.

We’ll spend a couple of hours in the field shooting various kinds of subjects and answering questions you might have on settings, composure, etc. The whole idea is to get you used to taking your expensive camera off “auto” mode and diving into that deep end where you are in charge. The game plan would be to reassemble at Cadbury around 6:30 with your SD cards, or if you had time, USB sticks, and let’s see some results. This is not a competition, but a learning experience, so mistakes are welcome! If this is useful, we may do it again in July.

We haven’t done this before quite like this, so there may be some glitches, but we are trying to respond to the significant feedback we’ve been getting for more one-on-one mentoring. If you are interested in attending this Field Trip, please let me know by June 4th and tell me what kind of camera you are bringing. Also, let me know ahead of time any special questions or concerns you might have that we can address in the field.

Dick Snyder
Education Chairman