Wildlife Photography

Brief Description: For those CCC members that have a special interest in Wildlife and Nature Photography. Together with other members, share monthly outings in the Delmarva Area to have opportunities to photograph local wildlife and share methods and techniques to get some great photos.

Prerequisite: Be there with Camera Ready.

Group Leader: Contact Ken Arni at arniken1@verizon.net or phone 302-537-6238 to join.

Max. # of club members: No Maximum of members. The group member list will be re-started in June of each year. In June, if you wish to continue for another year, sign up again by contacting Ken Arni.

Total # of hours, meetings/week: Group Meet-ups will be notified by e-mail announcements. Usually one meet-up per month.

Expected Outcomes from meetings: All group members are invited to join the Facebook Page Coastal Camera Club SIG Wildlife Group to post and share your images with camera settings, so all group members can learn from each other.