Macro & Close-Up Photography

Brief Description: For CCC members who have an interest in learning and exploring how to shoot Macro and Close-up photography.

Prerequisite: Camera and lens that can be used in manual mode; camera lens with an extension tube set allowing the lens to focus within inches of the subject or a Macro lens (preferably a 1:1 macro lens); sturdy tripod; flash with diffuser. Members should be familiar with all their camera controls and settings and know how to use the camera in manual mode.

Group Leader: Bob Bryer

Max. # of club members: There are no restrictions on the size of this group, but on occasion, there may be some restrictions based upon the size of the facility when doing studio portraits.

Location, day & times of meetings: Typically monthly field trips and indoor "studio" meetings. Studio meetings will be held in nearby locations. The SIG will provide necessary backdrops if needed.

Total # of hours, meetings/week: Outing duration will depend on location and subject. Outings will typically be a half day. Most meetings will be held during the week with an occasional weekend session.

Expected Outcomes from meetings: Encourage familiarity and comfort taking close up and macro photographs.