Apprentice Photographers

Brief Description: For those CCC members who are new to photography and are interested in hands-on field experiences to build both photography and composition skills that encourage experimentation and methods to create an image as opposed to simply “taking a picture." This is a group to support the new photographer, not one for photographers who have been shooting several years. Together with other members, share once monthly (weather permitting) outdoor gatherings.

Prerequisite: Camera with a charged battery, camera manual, tripod, dressed for the weather conditions. Nikon and Canon are the main brand cameras for which there is support. A willingness to learn, a cooperative and supportive manner and a sense of humor are necessary. Good mobility is important, as the location are often on uneven territory. Additional sources of information are shared to support the experience, and the expectation is that group members will read the articles.

Group Leader: Contact Sue Eberhart ( to join.

Max. # of club members: The number is flexible but a small group works best. There is much peer coaching/teaching during each session.

Total # of hours, meetings/week: At present, the group meets from 9:00 - 12:00 pm, the first Wednesday of the month. Times and dates  may be modified due to the weather or special exceptions. For the most success, it is important that a member attend each session as we build on and refine skills each meeting. The group generally meets for lunch after each session for additional discussion and fun.

Expected Outcomes from Meetings: Members will gain confidence with the camera to create camera images that surpass their current photography style.